MultiChoice supports local film producers in Zimbabwe

MultiChoice Zimbabwe has been supporting and promoting the Zimbabwean film industry since a long time and has recently promoted the debut of the movie ‘S’mbimbino 3’ which is the story of a young girl living with albinism who rescue her rude step-mother from drowning and is then sold by a wicked aunt to body snatchers.

Commenting on the movie’s during the gala premiere, the PR Manager of MultiChoice Zimbabwe, Liz Dziva, said, ‘’Most Zimbabwean productions are good quality and have great storylines, so it was with delight that I attended the gala of ‘S’mbimbino 3’ and again, saw how much great work is being done in the local production industry.’’

The film was produced by Von Tvaziva of VT-Studios who first directed a TV sitcom, Forty-1 which was broadcasted of ZTV. In 2008, he wrote, produced, directed, edited and starred in series Go-Chanaiwa-Go which was also aired on ZTV. ‘S’mbimbino 3’ is his sixth production.