MTN launched ‘uncapped’ 5G in South Africa

MTN South Africa announced last week that it will offer uncapped 5G access at $63.11 per month. The telecommunication operator giant has done this by upgrading its MyMTN Home Uncapped plan, which until now was only available in a 4G/LTE flavour, to 5G, which should offer users in coverage areas significantly better network latencies – or network round-trip times – that are more akin to fibre services.

However, the 5G plan is limited to 50Mbit/s and has a 1TB fair-use policy. A $69.43 per month plan doubles the speed to 100Mbit/s and offers 2TB of data before the fair-use policy kicks in. The deals are available on 24-month contract, or month to month if the buyer already has a 5G router. The fair-use policy states that once the 1TB and 2TB limits are reached — depending on the package — speeds are reduced to 4Mbit/s for the remainder of the month.

According to the company, MTN has developed the MyMTN Home Uncapped 5G plans using the latest 5G network technologies to provide unlimited data connectivity to customers’ homes across 125 coverage areas, across all provinces.

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