Movistar will bring addressable TV advertising to Latin America


Movistar+ started its new Addressable TV project in Spain, and it wants to bring it to Latin America this year. Initiative -carried out together with Procter & Gamble- segmented watchers it three-type households. Each home, in its linear TV consuming, will only see those campaigns in which it is target audience. This way, it will customize advertising spots, reinforce each spot relevance for each home and will avoid saturation.

Addressable TV advertising is online advertising programmatic model adaptation to FTA and pay TV. Initiative began in #0, Movistar+ generalist brand, for all platform’s watchers to take part of this experience, which will also conclude with an afterwards study in which results and reactions will be analyzed. It is the first linear TV segmentation case in Spain.

‘Thanks to its constant commitment to innovation, Movistar+ is leading content consuming change and, with it, changes in advertising consuming. We are consolidating a unique advertising model, in which Movistar+ is an advertising planning reference with innovative, interactive, content integrated and branded content solutions unique in the market’, pointed Yolanda García Masiques, Movistar+ Advertising Director.


‘At a time when traditional media consuming is changing, and is increasingly fragmented, Big Data and this type of technology uses brings us the possibility of getting relevant information effectively. Programmatic one is already real in our media strategy, and TV advertising personalization is another step for our precision marketing commitment, to reach all our consumers at the right time, with a relevant message and with the right frequency’, said Cristina Guisasola, Senior Media Manager Procter & Gamble Spain.