Movistar Plus renews itself and adds new content to its catalog

Peruvian pay TV channel Movistar Plus has renewed its screen contents by launching six new formats and programs that are already part of the channel’s programming. As reported by the company, Movistar Plus programming is renewed in a 60%, and includes more than 400 premieres hours. The announcement was made in a Wantan Night special edition , the channel’s  late night show, where its new identity was shown, with current and new Movistar Plus celebrities.

‘This Movistar Plus evolution is in line with our goal to provide Movistar Peru different platforms customers with differential and relevant content, that entertain and also provides them value. To the optimism and Peruvian identity promoted by Movistar Plus, we now add contents that inspire people to have a more active role in issues that we are interested in promoting, such as gender equality, care for the environment and responsible future. Issues that are today the common denominator in much of the conversations that take place in social networks’, said Luis Eduardo Garvan, Telefonica Media Networks Marketing Manager.

Some of the channel’s new formats are an entertainment and daily issues late night show to be broadcast on Saturdays, another focused on today’s woman role, a conservation program, another on animals respect, other about trips with historical contents, and a gastronomic program, thought to revalue recipes because of the Bicentennial of Peruvian Independence, and others.