Movistar Play reaches 242 thousand Chilean accesses in 2018

According to data published in Telefonica Chile’s financial results report up to December 2018, the OTT Movistar Play recorded 242 thousand subscribers. The offer includes access to the OTT from any device, with availability of up to 75 live channels that can be paused, moved back or reproduced from the beginning.

Movistar Play also includes a series, films, documentaries and exclusive content catalog to watch every times considered by subscribers, in addition to recent movie premieres.

The OTT is available in Chile with mobile telephony or Internet Home plans (except for customers with Controlled Account Plan and Mobile Wifi). The first option to hire it is the Movistar Play Light package, which includes up to eight live channels, TV on demand and the catalog of movies, series, documentaries and movie rentals, with no hiring costs. The Movistar Play Full plan has a cost of USD 9.99 and offers a complement to the Movistar Play Light plan, with availability of 46 live channels. Finally, the Movistar Play Pro package includes the same features as the Movistar Play Light plan, and is exclusive for customers with a TV plan, at no cost.

Plans can be complemented with premium channels or other services such as Fox Premium, Fox Sports Premium, the Football Channel in HD and HBO Go. The OTT also allows subscribers  to hire Netflix and pay it from their monthly bill.