Movistar Play is consolidating itself in Telefonica’s Latin American market

In its first half of the year results report, Telefónica reported 1.2 million active users in the OTT Movistar Play in Latin America. This year, the platform was launched in Mexico and Argentina, while it is no longer available in Central America from August due to the sale of assets promoted by Movistar in several countries in the region. Telefónica also reported that it has already started to produce two original series in Latin America.

The report also informs that Movistar Play has 791 K users in Hispam Sur, “and is available in all countries in the region after the service was launched in Argentina last March”. The OTT recorded 169 K of active users in that country, according to information from June 2019.

In Peru, 10K new accesses were recorded  in the quarter (+77k in H1) thanks to Telefónica’s differential offer (strengthened since the launch of Movistar Play and Movistar Total. In the country, according to data from June 2019, Movistar Play had 467 K active users.