Movistar Peru ends 2020 with 136 thousand homes with FTTH in Lima and plans to reach 600 thousand this year

As part of the its 2020 financial results presentation  officially announced on February 12th, Telefonica Peru -where it operates under the ‘Movistar’ brand, as in the rest of the countries in the region-, announced that it has strengthened its FTTH deployment offer in Lima, and ended the year with about 136 million homes with that technology in the Peruvian capital. In addition, the company reported that it plans to reach 600 thousand in 2021.

At the end of November, Telefonica Peru announced the creation of PangeaCO, a new subsidiary created to strengthen its FTTH deployment in Peru and reduce the digital divide in the country. ‘This 2021 we intend to accelerate the digital transformation with opportunities for everyone, taking the potential of technology not only to large cities, but also to remote locations. For this, we have two key tools. On the one hand, we have ‘Internet para Todos’, that must integrate with 4G mobile internet more than 30 thousand remote communities, and on the other hand we already have ‘PangeaCO’, that will bring fixed internet to more than 4 million Peruvian homes’, said Pedro Cortez Rojas, CEO at Telefonica del Perú.

‘Fiber optic is a technology that allows information to be sent at high speeds, and it has become the most important network system in the world. The digital development that addresses the deployment of broadband with fiber optic that PangeaCo will make has a highly multiplier effect on populations, as it expands the possibility of accessing public services and information; health and education services; as well as to double the productivity and innovation of companies and government entities, thus allowing to meet the demands that the ‘new normality’ has left’, the executive reported. Also, between 2019 and 2020, the company invested more than S/ 730 million (USD 199.5 million) in the deployment of infrastructure nationwide.

In addition, from Movistar Peru they reported that, in 2020, the average consumption of Movistar Play hours increased by 25% during the pandemic period. The company reported that the OTT brings together 55% of Peruvian films released in movie theaters in the last 10 years, as well as Peruvian and foreign series. In addition, during the quarantine period the company developed ‘Resiste Teatro’, an initiative that brought 16 short plays to TV and streaming and reported an audience of 20 thousand viewers on Movistar Play.