MovieTV creates new pay TV offer for hotels in Brazil with daily subscription

Brazilian company MovieTV has recently announced that it will start offering pay TV services for hotels in Brazil. According to the information reported on various specialized websites in the country, the company plans to implement an initial trial version at the Pousada Jardim da Mantiqueira (Monte Verde, Minas Gerais) and, in June, a second trial will be made for around 500 hotels from the main Brazilian cities. Movie TV’s technology partner for this project is Broadpeak.

One of the main news included in the MovieTV offer in comparison with the ones featured  by traditional pay TV operators in Brazil is that hotels will have the option of hiring the service on a daily basis, and will be able to avoid paying the offer when the rooms are unoccupied. As reported by Claudio Carvalho, Commercial Director at MovieTV, to the specialized website Telaviva, the model was possible ‘thanks to the operator’s flexibility, who agreed to charge on a daily basis and not through a monthly payment’.

The MovieTV offer will be available for rooms with Visiontec box TVs, or through the MovieTV app for Philco, Phillips and TCL’s smart TVs, according to the information reported by Telaviva. Guests will be able to access the channel’s offer on mobile devices from anywhere in the hotel. The service will be available in the different rooms via satellite, through the installation of an antenna in each hotel, through which the channels will be distributed via IP to each room.