More C-band spectrum for mobile operators will require new satellites

Some satellite operators will be forced to buy new spacecraft if U.S. regulators demand the transfer of 200 or more megahertz of C-band spectrum to mobile companies for the deployment of 5G, said Intelsat, according to Space News.
A representative of the FCC said that operators will need at least 200 or 300 MHz. According to the report, Intelsat and SES control more than 90% of the C-band in the United States and said they are willing to cede 100 MHz, or maybe a little more but this could cause more difficulty in serving TV broadcasters and other customers. By transferring capability, operators would have to find a way to replace those transponders.
According to the plan of the satellite operators, the cost of the new satellites resulting from the loss of spectrum would have to be covered by mobile network providers. The FCC has not yet decided how it will transition spectrum.
According to Space News, SES warned it may need new satellites as a result of any spectrum transfer, saying new C-band satellites would likely have “a cost ranging from $150 million to $250 million in capital expenditure per satellite.”
The C band is used for the distribution of TV services and in Latin America it has a widespread use in Brazil. Meanwhile, satellite operators have refused to quantify the proceeds they might receive.