Montecable launches OTT MCGOLive on Android TV

Uruguayan Pay TV operator Montecable today launched its OTT MCGoLive on Android TV. As the company officially reported, the content platform will be available on all TV sets  with this operating system, and the app can be downloaded from the App Store.

In case clients does not have this system available, the company will deliver an Android Box, which turns their TV into Android ones. In addition, access to MCGoLive can also be done from laptops, tablets, cell phones, Chromecast and Apple TV.

The MCGOLive catalog includes more than 80 live channels and on demand content, including action and adventure titles, comedy, fiction, terror, suspense, children, drama, musicals, sports, and others. It also offers access to platforms such as HBO GO, ESPN Play, History Play, TNT GO, Space GO, Sony Play, Fox Play, Hot GO, Cartoon Network GO and Studio Universal Play, and many others.

Montecable also announced the renewal of its corporate image. Fabiana Orlotti, CEO of the company, said that ‘we have been so aware to technological changes but we are sure that the brand must generate empathy, must be loyal to customers and give many reasons to continue choosing us. This is a process in which we are working in depth day by day’.