Millicom adds 100 thousand new HFC customers in Latin America

As part of its Q2 2021 results report presentation, telecommunications company Millicom -whose operations in Latin America are known under the ‘Tigo’ brand, reported having added 100 thousand new HFC clients in the region.

According to the report, all the countries in the region in which Millicom operates showed positive net additions in terms of HFC additions during the period. This way, Colombia added 32 thousand as of June 30th; followed by Bolivia, with 29 thousand; and Paraguay, with 9 thousand. In addition, the company’s networks featured more than 12.4 million homes, an increase of 154 thousand during the period.

‘Our rapid customer and revenue growth is a direct result of our unwavering commitment to delivering the best customer experience, including network quality and reliability. With that in mind, we have accelerated investments that we expect will help us drive faster growth in all our business going forward’, reported Mauricio Ramos, CEO at Millicom. 

Regarding the investments announced, days ago Millicom confirmed that it will invest USD 135 million to update its mobile networks in Bolivia, Honduras and Paraguay in partnership with Ericsson; and USD 250 million to expand its TV, telephony and internet offerings in Panama.

Both initiatives are added to the launch of ONEtv on Android TV (Google) in the markets where Tigo operates in Latin America. As officially reported by Millicom, although initially the company launched the new ONEtv in Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica, during June and July the company also announced the launch in Guatemala, Paraguay, Nicaragua and Bolivia. In addition, it plans to expand the offer to Panama in September.