Milicom service revenues grow up to 18% in Latin America during Q3 2021

Milicom announced a significant growth in revenue and customer base in its Latin American operations by the end of the third quarter of the year. In Colombia, mobile service revenues increased 4.1% in the last period, after having incorporated 359 thousand new subscribers, while in El Salvador, the increase was 18% in service revenues. As detailed by the company, this latest boost was “a direct consequence of recent investments aimed at acquiring spectrum and expanding our network in the country“.

We continue on the path towards our OCF goal of at least $ 1.4 billion by 2021, while we continue to execute our 2021 investment plan, which includes the expansion of our mobile network in Colombia and the modernization of our mobile networks in El Salvador, Honduras, Paraguay and Bolivia”, Mauricio Ramos, Executive Director of Millicom, explained.

In the same press release, Ramos announced that the company plans to continue advancing with new projects to grow even more in monetary matters. “We have several ongoing projects to extract these valuable assets from our core business, allowing the optimization of its capital structure and generating value for the future”, he said.

During the third quarter, we made significant progress on various pillars of our ESG agenda and we plan to announce emission reduction targets aligned with Paris in the near future“, he finally added.