Mexico relaunches public tender for wholesale fiber optic network

Mexico will launch once again a tender next month in order to implement and operate a fiber optic wholesale network to guarantee greater connectivity in the country, according to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador. Although Red Trunk tender was planned for October 2018, it was postponed for this year after its approval in 2013, under Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto’s mandate.

‘It was going to be delivered with the same criteria of attending only populations were market is located, but State has a social function. We must guarantee  communication to all Mexicans, it is a right’, pointed López Obrador. And he added later that they are reviewing ‘from scratch’ the new tender bases, which purpose is to join ‘high technology companies’.

Future Trunk Network extends over 25,600 km between towers, poles and facilities, all belonging to state-owned Federal Electricity Commission, that ceded it use to Mexican Telecommunications (Telecomm), another state-owned company in charge of bidding process.

Telecomm raised a public-private partnership scheme for the network operation, where it is estimated that private partner should invest about USD 200 million.

Original tender bases establish that the winner must guarantee at least an 80% coverage to population living around places where network crosses, according to Telecomm data.