Mexican operators reorganize pay TV lineups

Mexico’s pay TV operators reorganized their lineups after the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) ordered to change the distribution of the channels last December with the aim that operators do not generate artificial competitive advantages in channels they offer.

The change came into effect last week and forces companies to place FTA TV networks at the beginning of the channel offering.

Given this situation, Megacable initiated a legal process against the IFT for considering this decision as “an error”. “It is the business’ decision to decide where each channel should be (in the lineup)”, Enrique Yamuni, director of Megacable, told El Universal.

The executive considered that it is “a major change that creates discomfort because clients are familiar with the channel lineup, they know where each channel are and suddenly, by mandate of authority, without any sense, you have to change it.”

Yamuni said IFT made the change “because it can, because there are no procedures that we can initiate, because there are no protections against the IFT.” For this reason, they filed an indirect amparo, which the manager estimates will be resolved in about three years.