Mexican filmmakers request digital platforms to pay taxes in the country

Filmmakers from Mexico asked the country’s  Deputies Chamber’s Culture and Cinematography Commission that digital platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video should pay taxes, and that 30% of the content catalog they offer should include Mexican or independent productions. In early April, Mexican’s Finance Minister expressed that OTTs could pay taxes in the country from 2020.

‘Any Government that has its own Nation project must invest to guarantee the access of its citizens to local productions, since otherwise they could only have foreign material, that is, basically, content from the US, and this would mean educating the entire population in an informal way, with a foreign way of thinking’, said filmmaker Víctor Ugalde, president of the Rafael E. Portas Cinematographic Public Observatory.

According to information from Mexico’s El Sol newspaper, Netflix has nearly 4,000 contents, of which only 70 are Mexican productions. The newspaper also states that Amazon Prime Video records approximately 2,500 titles in its catalog, and only has 10 Mexican productions. In addition, Netflix will have official stores in the country, where it will develop 50 projects.