Mexican film industry calls for taxes on OTT platforms

The Mexican Academy of Film Arts and Sciences (AMACC) requested that OTT services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video pay taxes in the country and that these resources are destined for national production.
Specifically, the entity proposes that these platforms to be subject to Mexican copyright law and to pay taxes in country. The president of AMACC, Ernesto Contreras, presented this position during the Forum of Public Funds to Support Production, according to El Economista.
According to the executive, the OTT “must contemplate a national and independent production quota; transparent and standardize the criteria used by the algorithms of these platforms, so that the national and independent films are accessible, on equal terms, for national audiences.” In addition, the entity proposes tax incentives for those who exhibit a minimum of 35% of national cinema.
On the other hand, in the television field, AMACC proposes to impose a rate of 5% on billing for the sale of advertising spaces offered by the TV stations, allocating the amount obtained to the production of national audiovisual works.