Metrotel launches comprehensive solution for transporting high quality videos

Metrotel, a telecommunications business that provides services to leading companies in Argentina, presented its Video Matrix, a new comprehensive on demand, stand-alone  and easy to implement solution for transporting high quality videos.

‘It is a new technology that allows the user, which may be the headend, the channel,  cable or production company to hire according to the demand. The Video Matrix is a complementary concept to what we say video contribution, which has to do with video of a lot of quality. It is consumed by all those who are in the contents production stage, and even the distribution. without going to the access’, explained German Garay, CTO of Metrotel.

The Metrotel Video Matrix will allow those who want to be part of this new trend to be connected with many points within the high-tech network. This way, in a matter of seconds, whoever wants may hire a broadcast from and to any other point within the Matrix according to their needs and / or requirements, and may choose not only the quality but also the duration of the content. In addition, Gustavo Vidal, Metrotel CCO, reported that ‘with the Matrix it is possible to schedule each broadcast date, time and destination in advance without major inconveniences, since the solution aims to provide autonomy and efficiency in operations’.

Metrotel is connected through its more than 3,600 km  fiber optic network with the main cable companies, broadcasters, production companies and TV channels, which allows it to offer a rapid implementation. The service is provided unidirectionally or bidirectionally as required. The integral solution is provisioned with the adequate broadcasting and audio and video reception equipment, that adapts itself to each need. It works on fiber optic with its corresponding analog or digital audio channels.