MercadoLibre joins itself as Disney+ distribution partner in Chile

As confirmed from its Chilean official website, the e-commerce company MercadoLibre is now allowing its users to hire the SVOD OTT Disney+, launched by The Walt Disney Company in Latin America last November, directly from the platform in the country. Before implementing this strategy in Chile, Disney+ had already added MercadoLibre as its distribution partner in Mexico and Brazil.

According to the official MercadoLibre website in Chile, the e-commerce platform offers its customers the possibility of accessing the Disney+ catalog for free for up to four months if they get the SVOD OTT annual subscription. Disney+ free period access is established according to the amount of ‘MercadoPuntos’ – MercadoLibre’s loyalty program that allows users to accumulate points and enjoy certain benefits that improve their customer experience-, according to the following detail: those MercadoLibre users who are between levels 1 and 3 of MercadoPuntos, will access the Disney+ catalog for free for two months. Those who are in level 4 or 5 of MercadoPuntos, will access the SVOD OTT catalog for free for a three months period; and those who are on level 6 of MercadoPuntos will access Disney’s SVOD OTT for free for four months.

In addition, in mid-February, the Cablevision Uruguay (Telecom) pay TV operator has officially announced through its website that it has integrated Disney+  on Flow STBs with a special offer that allows its customers to access the platform for free for an up to 90 days initial period. According to the latest data reported by Disney, the SVOD OTT already features almost 95 million subscribers globally, a figure that exceeded the company’s expectations, since a similar number of subscribers was expected by 2023.