Megacable plans to complete GPON network migration before the end of the year

During an interview with the Mexican website ‘Expansion’, Enrique Yamuni, CEO at the holding company Megacable, gave details about several of the projects in which the company is working, including the evolution of its HFC network to GPON, originally announced earlier in 2020. ‘We already have more than 50% of the project, and we plan to complete it before the end of 2021’, the executive reported.

During the interview, Yamuni pointed to the project as one of Megacable’s priorities, and reported that last year the company made an investment of almost USD 400 million in the network’s infrastructure and technology to upgrade the fiber optic network and migrate residential users. ‘We must change terminal equipment in more or less 1.8 million homes, in addition to moving all that equipment to what we are not yet migrating, to double the network capacities, make it more reliable and have more bandwidth that allows us to compete perfectly with any fiber network ‘, reported the executive regarding the status of the project.

Another of the projects on which Yamuni focused during the interview is Xview+, an upgrade of Megacable’s Xview platform, launched on February 23rd. According to the executive, during the five months after the platform was launched under the Android TV (Google) operating system, the platform has achieved 300 thousand subscribers. ‘It has a good interface, which allows subscribers to catch-up content in an up to 48 hours period, and record future events. It has more than 8 thousand hours of video content available as part of a package that includes HBO, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. We already have Disney+, but we need to add it as a streaming platform. We are betting on more in the coming years, because we know that users are migrating to this type of services’, the executive reported.

In addition, Yamuni informed that Megacable will continue to promote its mobile telephony offer as MVNO (Megamovil), and will increase the coverage of business and residential services, which they plan to extend to Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez, Aguascalientes and San Luis Potosi, which, according the executive will involve a more than USD 400 million investment. ‘At the end of 2021, the company will grow more or less 10% in TV, internet and mobile phone connections’, he said.