Megacable does not include original content productions on its future plans

As reported on Friday, February 19th on the specialized website ‘El CEO’, the Mexican holding company Megacable has decided not to produce original content. In August 2019, the company announced the launch of its first original series, but plans in this area are not set to continue.

‘We are not going to create our own content for the time being, but we are working with  people who create content, in order to run interesting partnerships’, reported to ‘El CEO’ Gerardo Seifert Arreola, CMO at Megacable. Likewise, according to the website, Megacable ‘keeps committed to creating its own and differentiated content with movie channels such as ‘Panico’; ‘Platino’; ‘Cine Mexicano’, and others. Megacable’s first original production was announced in August 2019. It was titled ‘13 minutos antes de dormir’, and it aired through Xview – the company’s OTT platform, as well as on ‘Panico’ and ‘Cine Mexicano’.

At the same time, another of the projects that Megacable is working on is its FTTH migration plan, originally announced during the first months of 2020. During the virtual panel ‘The future of cable operators in the D2C era’, which took place in November during the last Nextv Series Mexico virtual edition, Raymundo Fernandez, Co-CEO at Megacable, reported that the company is undergoing ‘a very strong transformation to this technology. Megacable continues to be a company where GPON and HFC will coexist, both providing the upload and download speeds that the market requires, with quality standards’. The executive also explained that it is ‘the most important technological transformation we are going through, without taking into consideration the evolution of the video area’.