Mediapro launches U-BEAT eSports platform

Spanish group Mediapro announced, at an event held in Barcelona, the international launch of U-BEAT, its new OTT eSports platform, which will offer VOD and live events, as well as exclusive in-house produced content.
In a press release, the company said “U-BEAT wants to become a reference among eSports fans from all over the world, especially from Latin America and Spain.” Starting next December 15, the platform will include 3,000 hours competitions, information, latest news and entertainment of the eSports and videogames environment. The objective of the group is to reach 5 million users in five years.
Available in PC and mobile version (iOS and Android), U-BEAT will offer exclusive competitions and content from the most popular videogames in the marketplace, including League of Legends, Clash Royale, Fortnite, CSGO and Call of Duty; and competitions and events produced for the Professional Video Games League (LVP), among others.
U-BEAT is also a 24/7 network designed for distribution on traditional pay TV systems. In fact, it is already available in the Orange service in Spain, and the company is working to expand its presence in other national and international platforms.
The Spanish group made a big step into the eSports World in 2016, when it acquired Fandroid Entertainment, a company that manages LVP, which operates in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru and the UK, and accumulates more than 20 million unique users annually and 75% of the Spanish-speaking world audience.
According to Mediapro, the audience in Latin America has always been very significant in the LVP channels (40%) and in markets that are very relevant in the eSports universe, such as Mexico, Argentina or Colombia.