Media groups Perfil and Crónica de Argentina launch open TV channel together

Grupo Perfil, owned by Jorge Fontevecchia, and Grupo Crónica, owned by Raúl Olmos, two companies of companies with significant experience in the Argentine media industry, announced that, for the first time, they have begun to work together to launch a new Open TV channel, Bravo TV, which will air in Buenos Aires from 2022.

During the celebration of the Fortuna Awards, the CEOs of the groups revealed the recent alliance and detailed that Bravo TV will offer a wide variety of content, which will not only include entertainment programs, fiction series and soap operas, but which will also feature reality shows and news segments.

Currently, the Grupo Crónica has under its power the signals of Crónica HD (Open TV) and Canal de la Música (Pay TV), in addition to the newspapers Crónica, La Opinion Austral and BAE Negocios; the FMQ radio and the news portals Veintitrés, DiarioShow and Depo. According to Olmos, the launch of Bravo TV marks a milestone in the history of the business group, by extending and modernizing its offer of television content for local audiences.
Meanwhile, Grupo Perfil, until 2020 known as Editorial Perfil, in recent years has expanded its arrival in audiovisual media through a multiplatform strategy that combines traditional media with social networks and online broadcasts, and currently owns the Net TV, Alfa TV and KZO channels, and radio stations Radio Con Vos, Radio Perfil and digital Radio Urbana Play. Its CEO, Jorge Fontevecchia, stated that Bravo TV will be developed in a partnership with “the company that has the most knowledge in this audience”, referring to Grupo Crónica.