LVP and Flow bet on esports with the Super Copa Flow 2020

As officially reported from Telecom Argentina last week, the Liga de Videojuegos Profesional (LVP; Grupo Mediapro) and Flow (Telecom Argentina’s platform) launched the Super Copa Flow 2020, by League of Legends, a video game developed by Riot Games. According to the information they reported, the tournament faces the league teams in a competition focused on showing the local competitive level, as well as meeting the new talents that will participate in the Liga Master Flow in 2021.

The Super Copa Flow 2020 will take place this month. From last Tuesday, November 10th, access to the different games is possible through Flow channel 601 (Flow Gaming XP), and LVP’s Twitch and YouTube official channels. As reported, the 10 teams that will face each other in the competition are River Plate Gaming, Undead Gaming, Flow Nocturns Gaming, Feint Gaming, Wygers Argentina, Furious Gaming, 9z, Malvinas Gaming, Intel New Indians Esports and Leviatan Esports. In addition, the tournament will feature two invited teams.

‘Telecom promotes professional eSports development in Argentina, offering a large  entertainment experience catalog to its clients. This time, highlighting Flow as the official sponsor of the Super Copa Flow and also presenting several actions to promote gaming and being together with the teams in their official competition schedule’, they expressed from Telecom Argentina.