Lolly Kids TV may arrive at Latin America

The children’s music channel Lolly Kids TV announced it is arriving at Spain and intends to find new operators to expand itself to Latin America in the future. The channel’s content offer is available for DTH, IPTV and OTT cable operators, in Full HD resolution. Its catalog is now being offered on several channels in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Russia.

Lolly Kids TV is a 24-hour broadcasting channel, available in the Orange Children’s Max plan. It is offered for free, and allows between 6 and 16 year-old children to show their talents. About the expansion future plan, from the company they reported that ‘Lolly Kids TV’s social project is global’, and the channel is offered at no cost ‘with the aim of reaching the greatest number of families and children as possible’.

Currently, Lolly Kids TV’s programming records more than 4 thousand children who show their musical talent. Those interested in taking part of it must make a video and upload it to their YouTube accounts, as explained by the company. ‘We help any child who can sing, dance and play musical instruments, so they have the opportunity to show their musical essence through their own music video in the  children’s music TV programming’, they said.