Liberty Puerto Rico officially launches new Hub TV platform

Liberty Puerto Rico has officially announced the launch of its new Hub TV service, developed in partnership with TiVo. The new offer is exclusively available for Liberty Puerto Rico’s internet and video customers. Hub TV is an Android TV STB that uses Liberty’s internet connection and gives access to live TV, VOD content and apps on the same platform, as officially reported on Liberty Puerto Rico’s official website. 

It also has an integrated DVR that records programs on the cloud. In addition, the new device comes with preloaded applications, including Netflix, Spotify, HBO Max, YouTube and others. Liberty Puerto Rico’s clients will also be able to download more apps, according to the memory they have available. Clients will also be able to watch any content from their smartphones, or any other electronic devices, on their TV screens through Chromecast, which is pre-installed in the device.

Hub TV also provides access to VOD content from its home screen, by turning into channel 1 from the lineup guide, by pressing a button on the remote control, or making voice commands to get the content they want in a quicklier way. The remote control also provides a Netflix direct access button.  Customers also have personalized new video suggestions through Hub TV’s ‘What to Watch’ feature, which is based on what viewers already watch. The console’s Smart Bar feature connects viewers with content they are likely to watch at a given time of the day or week, based on their viewing habits.