Kwesé TV to relay all 32 African games in 2018 World Cup for free

One of the countries leading media company Kwese Television, stated that Malawians will have the opportunity to watch this year’s World cup games just by purchasing a Kwese decoder.

The Country Manager of Kwese Television, Wonder Msiska, has certified the development will allow Malawians to watch 32 African games for free and that for them to watch all the 64 games they need to buy the decoder.

As stated by Msiska; their company will broadcast all the 2018 world cup games so that soccer fans should have the opportunity to watch football stars from other countries.

Msiska further declared, “We have the exclusive lights to beam this year’s world cup and we are beaming all the Africans games at the world cup for free but for one to watch the all the 64 games he/she must buy a Kwese decoder.”

According to him, Kwese Television will continue offering best services to the general public at valuable prices just to satisfy what their customer’s wants.

Msiska concluded, “We know that TV is a luxury and one thinks of it after he has his basic needs, it’s for this reason we are giving this package to Malawians.”