Kwesé satellite TV closes in Zimbabwe

In a communiqué, Kwesé’s parent company, Econet Media declared the development had been required by a review of its business strategy and service offerings to align them to changes in the global digital and satellite broadcasting sector, and growth in access to mobile and fixed broadband on the continent. The strategy review will put forward the multi-platform broadcast network to focus on three fundamental services; Kwesé Free Sports (KFS), Kwesé iflix and Kwesé Play.

The company stated, “With increased focus on these three services, Econet Media will streamline its direct-to-home satellite television service. This will see the reduction of third-party channels available on the bouquet, as well as the removal of Kwesé branded sports (excluding KFS) and general entertainment channels. The broadcaster’s new bouquet will carry FTA, religious and free news channels which will be available to viewers for a minimal fee, as the broadcaster will waive monthly subscription fees.”

However, Kwesé subscribers, who have already paid their subscriptions for the month of November, or in advance will be refunded.

The chief executive of Econet Media, Joe Hundah declared, “The move would ensure the growth of Kwesé television and also provide Africans with an opportunity to tell their own stories. We believe these changes will safeguard the future success of our business as we continue to make an indelible impact on Africa’s media industry. The revised business strategy will also ensure that Kwesé TV continues to remain competitive within the industry.”

Having acknowledged the impact of having original local content, Econet Media will also set up its own content creation hub, Kwesé Studios. Through Kwesé Studios, Econet Media will invest in developing its own original programming and offering a platform for African producers, script writers, actors and directors to tell authentic African stories on a pan-African broadcast network.