Kwesé iflix promotes local content by partnering with BusTop TV

Kwese-iflix has collaborated with media company, BusTop TV to provide comedy series, Comic Tick, on the Kwesé iflix platform. However, Bustop TV has already beamed the first season with 10 episodes of the comedy series Comic Tick without Kwesé iflix’s patronage. But now Kwesé iflix is funding the production of the second season. 

The founder of Bustop, Luckie Aaroni declared, ‘’Comic Tick is commissioned work by Kwesé iflix. They asked if we could create content targeting youths for their platform as they believe that comedy is one of the most watched content by Zimbabweans online. We agreed and came up with the concept of Comic Tick.’’

This collaboration shows Kwesé iflix’s willingness of wanting to encourage the development, production, and distribution of local content.

By funding Comedy Tick, Kwesé iflix follows the paths of streaming and Video-on-demand platforms like Netflix. Netflix is not only contracting content but has movie studios of its own. Econet Media has also launched Kwesé Studios which could provide Kwesé iflix with all the filmmaking resources to produce their own content.