Smart TV is the number 1 device for SVOD in Brazil

81% of SVOD content consumers in Brazil choose to do so through a Smart TV device, according to a report by Kantar IBOPE Media. Meanwhile, the analysis also detailed that for the rest of the formats, smart televisions are also in the lead with 48% of the public’s preference, while another 42% chose smartphones, 8% computers and 2% tablets .

Regarding the report that corresponds to the SVOD platforms, the measuring company announced that the female audience was the largest consumer, making up 54.1% of the total. In addition, it revealed that of this last group, the age sector between 18 and 34 years old predominated, as it represented 26% of the figure. Much lower than Smart TVs, mobile devices ranked as the second preferred by the public, with just 13%.

Regarding the data source on which the report was based, Kantar IBOPE stated that its audited audience measurement system registers more than 1,600 households in 15 metropolitan regions in Brazil. “In the coming months, data on online video consumption will be available to our customers through the Video Streaming Report solution”, CEO of Kantar IBOPE Media in Brazil, Melissa Vogel, announced.