Kanal D Drama strengthens itself in the US Hispanic market through Verizon

Thema America (Canal+ Group) has recently announced that Kanal D Drama is now available as part of US pay TV operator Verizon programming grid. According to what was reported, its subscribers are now able to access the TV channel through Verizon’s ‘Fios TV Mundo’ and ‘Mundo Total’ packages in HD, on channel 1.586. 

Verizon is the second US pay TV operator in adding Kanal D Drama as part of its content offering. In 2019, the channel was also offered as part of Comcast programming grid. Its catalog gathers more than 1.500 hours of Turkish dramas dubbed in Spanish. 

‘We are very excited to start this year by running this strategic agreement with Verizon, which strengthens our relationship with this great partner, as well as our position in the US Hispanic market. This expansion of Kanal D Drama to Fios TV strengthens our commitment to continue keeping together with the Spanish-speaking audience with our varied offer of the

best Turkish productions’, reported Patrick Rivet, CEO at Thema America.

Kanal D Drama  is the first TV channel whose content is focused on Turkish dramas. It is owned by Kanal D International Networks, and currently reaches 15 countries in 3 continents. As a result of a strategic partnership with Kanal D International, Thema America manages, operates, and distributes Spanish-language channels for Kanal D Drama in the US and Latin America, including Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador,  Panama, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay.