K3 Telecom launches its services in Sierra Leone

Telecom operator K3 Telecom, a subsidiary of the Swiss group K3 Telecom AG, officially started operations in Sierra Leone on 21 January 2019.

The company says it will provide its Triple Play services via the Air Lastmile solution, compatible with conventional networks, but different in the signal path. The services will not be provided by cable, but via wireless technology.

Mohammed Nasrallah, chief executive officer of K3 Telecom Sierra Leone, explained that the company has opted for wireless because deploying a cable that connects each home and that offers broadband Internet, TV services and IP telephony, is very expensive in terms of time and money in developing markets that express a strong need for connectivity services.

“We are entering the market with attractive offers starting from US $ 99, we do not want to be the cheapest internet access provider on the market, we want to be the best value supplier,” underlined the boss of the company.

For the moment, only the capital Freetown is covered. Uros Mlakar, CEO of K3 Telecom AG said that in the coming months, the company’s network will be upgraded and expanded to extend the signal reach to a wider area of ​​Freetown.