Jawwy TV starts airing new show ‘Shofna Chef’ in MENA

Intigral, a provider of digital entertainment and sports in MENA, has launched its latest Original production Shofna Chef which started airing on Jawwy TV from October 22. The new production’s first season includes seven episodes.

The new lifestyle show highlights Saudi chef Noor on her journey to discover new cuisines and flavor secrets from around the world, namely in seven different destinations comprising of San Sebastian, Paris, Sevilla, Geneva, Courchevel, Cap Ferret and Jeddah.

She learns to cook three to four exceptional local dishes in each city and meets with a Michelin Star winning chef in each to learn more about the local food culture.

Intigral CEO Markus Golder, stated, “We are thrilled to release ‘Shofna Chef’ which is set to further augment Jawwy TV’s position in the industry, not only as a digital entertainment provider but also as a production entity presenting a wide array of acclaimed original productions.”