Irdeto integrates to DIRECTV Latin America the first Android TV protection app in the region

Irdeto, the company that provides security systems for digital platforms, announced the integration of its Irdeto App Watch tool on DIRECTV Latin America’s Android TV platform. From now on, the same operator will be able to monitor in real time all the actions that the subscriber performs on its service, to regulate the download and usage of pirated apps. It will also provide security alerts to the user through notifications that will appear on their screen, and will have the possibility of blocking and eliminating all the elements that the system considers as a threat.

In an exclusive interview with Nextv News Latam, Steeve Huin, CMO and Director of Business Development and Strategic Alliances at Irdeto explained that one of the main problems of the Android TV system is that its wide panorama of possibilities also leaves an open window for entry of viruses and harmful apps. “Compared to pay TV, Android opens up to a lot of insecure apps and functions. There are some malicious apps that can block the STB or use data”, he detailed.

Regarding the alliance with DIRECTV Latam, Huin affirmed that the decision was influenced by the important reputation that the company has in Latin America. In addition, he declared that it was the same operators in the region who approached Irdeto to access its protection tools, due to the high trend of piracy that grows daily in Latin American countries. “App Watch is very easy for operators to see what is wrong. It’s the control of what happens on your network ”, he added finally.