Intigral to broadcast summer content line-up on Jawwy TV

Intigral has announced the launch of an array of new titles for the summer season on its OTT platform Jawwy TV, ranging from original titles to exclusive Arab and Western films and series comprising of numerous genres.

Content additions encompass several exclusive shows mainly pan-Arab series ‘DownTown’ a contemporary drama that conveys various romantic stories and thrilling incidents from Beirut, the Khaleeji marriage drama movie ‘Ya Badaa’, and the travel animation series ‘Al Rehla’. Viewers will also get access to new Egyptian movie releases including ‘Hamlet Faro’on’, ‘Akher Deik Fi Masr’, and ‘Bani Adam’.

Jawwy TV will also air several acclaimed Western titles from its global content providers this month. FOX+ will be airing the ‘Married at First Sight series’, all eight seasons of ‘24’, and all four parts of the famous ‘Die Hard’ movies. Furthermore, Jawwy TV will be launching several new TVOD movie options available for rent starting from June, including ‘Jungleland’, ‘Colors of Love’, ‘Blast Beat’, ‘Long Weekend’, and ‘Seized’.