Intigral and NPAW renew OTT collaboration in MENA

Intigral has renewed its collaboration with the video intelligence company NPAW.

By adding NPAW’s new and enhanced “Users” product, to the existing suite of Youbora, Jawwy TV – Intigral’s premium media and entertainment product — will be able to better understand its subscribers’ behaviour to optimise the platform. The wide set of metrics provided by “Users” enables different teams to correlate consumption patterns, from within and beyond the video player, to make informed decisions on engagement strategies, content acquisition and platform performance optimisation.

The companies note that as the OTT TV market continues to rapidly grow in the Middle East, Jawwy TV’s top priority is to guarantee the best viewing experience for its subscribers, adjusting it to their preferences based on advanced analytics and churn prediction metrics. NPAW advanced analytics for VOD and Live streaming services paired with Intigral’s ambitious business strategy based on its vMVDP model will enable Jawwy TV to reach more audiences in the MENA region.

Intigral’s commercial VP, Mr. John-Paul McKerlie said, “Intigral strives to improve customer experience through the adoption and application of market leading solutions. We are excited to continue our collaboration with NPAW, as we set new standards for deriving insights that will enhance customers experience, support our ambitions to acquire and importantly engage customers as we expand across MENA”.

Mehdi Kadhi, sales director, Middle East & Africa at NPAW, added, “MENA Region continues to be one of our key markets, and we are delighted to further strengthen our partnership with the Intigral Group”.