Integral launches new production for young talents in Saudi Arabia

Integral has invited emerging Saudi talents in film production to participate in the new initiative launched by Jawwy TV platform, called ‘Your Creativity on Jawwy’.

The aim of the new show is to increase awareness on the importance of protecting property rights and intellectual property from the Saudi talent. Jawwy TV will create a short list of the most important series and films and will receive distinguished evaluation for production, all by supporting the aspirations and achievements of Saudi youth in the digital media entertainment.

CEO of Integral, Marcus Goulder, said: “The initiative reflects the company’s commitment to contribute to preparing a new generation of innovative Saudi men and women to lead the digital entertainment sector in the future, as an extension of stc’s strategy in adopting sustainable initiatives that affect society, the economy and the environment. Stc companies operate in it. He added: “Through this initiative launched by the Media Production Training Department, which was recently established in Integral, the company provides emerging Saudi talents with a range of opportunities and creative options to contribute to various Saudi productions. In addition, the initiative contributes to educating this group regarding their rights in this field.