Insight TV introduces linear channel on Jawwy TV in MENA

The deal, managed by content producer and distributor SAWA Rights Management (SRM), will offer Insight’s programming to regional viewers 24 hours a day, through either the Jawwy set-top box or the Jawwy TV.

Programmes from the entertainment, action sports and lifestyle channel to be available on Jawwy TV include Morbidelli Rising, THRU, Travel with a Goat, and Story of Masters. All content is in 4K ultra HD.

The COO of Insight TV, Graeme Stanley stated, “We’re delighted to make this double whammy announcement. The launch of Insight TV in the MENA region and our new, non-exclusive distribution partnership with SRM will enable us to reach more viewers who are hungry for our adrenaline-fueled content featuring action heroes, content creators, trending communities and inspirational topics.”

On the other hand, the CEO of SRM, Ali Ajouz, explained, “Insight TV is an exciting prospect for viewers across the MENA region as its content is totally unique and compelling. We’re looking forward to working on future projects and making future announcements over the coming months.”