INCAA works on a new tax on Netflix and other OTTs in support of Argentine cinema

The Argentine Cinema and Audiovisual Arts National Institute’s (INCAA) President,  Luis Puenzo, stated that the entity he chairs is working to collect a new ‘film tax’ from OTTs such as Netflix and others, in order to support cinema and film productions in the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic (Coronavirus).

In statements made in the Argentine program ‘El Destape Radio’, Puenzo said that they have been working in the measure for ‘two or three years’ and that, according to his view, ‘sooner or later, platforms will pay taxes, as video clubs have also done’.

To tax digital platforms with new taxes, the issue must be previously discussed on Congress. However, up to now, no project has been submitted in this regard. Since the beginning of the year, Argentina has a new Law available, that applies an 8% tax to all foreign digital platforms that provide services in the country. In addition, the Society for the Management of Actors and Interpreters (SAGAI) also works with the aim for platforms to  pay rights for the reproduction of local audiovisual content in which actors belonging to the entity participate.