Illegal anime websites to close in Latin America

Two illegal anime websites were closed  in Latin America due to series and movies misuse. These are AnimeYT and AnimeMovil, where subscribers entered for free to watch their animated series. Although entity that demanded its final closures is unknown, eyes are on Crunchyroll, a US OTT that broadcasts animes and, in 2017, recorded one million subscribers.

One of the reasons why AnimeMovil closed is that Japanese studio Toei Animation sued it for publishing Dragon Ball Super Broly first episode, which premiered worldwide a few weeks ago. AnimeYT was issued for uploading illegal material as a copy of the complainant site (that means, copying content from the legal one). AnimeMovil is not available anymore since January 31st, and AnimeYT definitely closed during the first February days.

Illegal websites closure started in Brazil, where a campaign against digital piracy was launched and ended with sites Anime Vision and Animes Central.