The IFT of Mexico to make 10% discount to potential creator of fourth Free-to-Air TV network

The Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) of Mexico announced through a statement that it will hold a 10% discount to the potential creator of a fourth Free-to-Air TV channel in the acquisition of the 123 frequencies required to provide national coverage, according to consultancy Teleconomia.

The offer is valid for competitors who do not have signals present in more than 15% of the territory. A possible fourth Free-to-Air TV network must have a wider signal coverage than in the 2015 auction.

The agency announced that the process for the new bid of 148 channels of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) will be held in electronic form through the official website. Those interested should first wait until the call is published and then review the basics and register.

The IFT will evaluate the candidates and return a certificate of participation to those who meet the requirements. The Economic Competition Unit will check that no more than one company is registered for each corporate group.

Then the individual price of each channel will be published, interested parties may click and if there are more than one the value will increase in subsequent rounds until it is awarded to the highest bidder. The process will take from three days to three weeks.