IFT: Less than 20% of pay TV customers subscribe to OTT services

According to data from Primera Encuesta 2017, Usuarios de Servicios de Telecomunicaciones survey, conducted by Mexican regulator IFT, less than 20% of pay TV users also subscribe to OTT services such as Netflix, Blim or Claro Video.

According to the data, published by El Financiero, millennials are the group that most subscribe to these services. The survey shows that the level of adoption of OTT services grows as the socio-economic level increases. In this sense, 33% of millennials (with Pay TV) of ABC+ socioeconomic group subscribe to OTT. In turn, the adoption grows as the level of education of the user increases. The adoption of OTT services is higher in central and northern regions of the country.

 The 2017 Survey contains the results of surveys carried out during 2016, which allows knowing the consumption habits, levels of satisfaction and experience of the users of the telecommunications services according to their capacity of access, use and perceived quality of fixed Internet, fixed telephony, mobile telephony and pay TV services.