Huya is looking to expand itself from China to Latin America

The Chinese live streaming platform Huya, focused on gaming, is looking to expand itself to the international market, specially in Latin America, Asia and the US. The company is also investing in developing its own e-sports teams.

‘Huya only started going global for just more than a year and I want to first prove our ability in markets in Asia, Latin America and maybe also in Africa. Once we are well prepared, maybe in the next year or the year after, we can expect a good result in the US market’, said Rongjie Dong, CEO of Huya.

The platform is focused on live videogames broadcasts, and allows operators and gamers to interact with each other in real time. It also offers online games for consoles and smartphones. Huya has already launched Nimo TV in Latin America and Asia. It is considered a world leader platform in live gaming market, which broadcasts competitions for PCs and mobile devices. It is also known as one of the apps with highest percentage of downloads in several Latin American countries.