Honduras sets deadline for DTT migration

Edith Copland, commissioner at the Honduran National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel), explained that the analog blackout is planned to take place in the country from  the first day of 2020, with a deadline set for next April 27th. To date, it is estimated that 70% of Honduran TV channels are ready to migrate to DTT.

Copland also indicated that, from April 28th on, channels that have not made the migration will be fined. As reported by the Honduran newspaper El Heraldo, it is expected that some channels will start their DTT broadcasts on January 1st, others on that 15th, and by April 27th  every TV channel in Honduras should have done it. 

In addition, DTT-enabled TVs must be offered in the country. Conatel confirmed this year that it will use the ISDB-T standard for the migration.