Honduras gets ready for analogic blackout in 2020

Honduran analog blackout will take place next January 1st, 2020, as established by Telecommunications National Commision (Conatel), but Honduras has been working on it since October 2013, warning TV companies to begin TDT migration process. Currently, from the 431 Honduran broadcasters, 223 had made the migration, and the other 198 still have to complete it.

At present, Honduras operates with analog system NTSC (TV System National Committee), and will migrate to digital ISDB-T (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting), according to Conatel’s authorities.

Honduras would be the second Central American country in carrying out the analog blackout, as Costa Rica is starting it this year too. By 2020, Honduras would be also the second Central American country to migrate to digital TV, followed by Nicaragua, which plans to do so later that year, and, in 2022, Guatemala and El Salvador will do so.