Guess my Age arrives at Uruguayan FTA TV through Canal 10

Guess My Age, Vivendi Entertainment’s format, will add a new Latin American local adaptation through the Uruguayan FTA channel Canal 10, which will premiere the format next week, named El Juego del Año.

Each week, a couple – friends, relatives, co-workers and others- will take part in a cunning, instinct and general culture game, with the possibility of earning up to $ 1 million (USD 27,280). To achieve this, participants must guess six unknown people ages. Always willing to play in duets, they will start playing with USD 27,280 on their scoreboard. To maintain them, they will have to guess the exact age of six people that will appear in a staggered manner. If their answer matches the exact age of the person, money will remain intact. If they do not succeed, their answer should be as close as possible, since for each year of difference between their answer and reality, money will decrease progressively.

In the second stage, after the previous six rounds, and with the amount of money they have managed to keep, participants must guess the exact age of a single person. For this, they will have four opportunities and, with each of them, a clue available to get it. Each wrong answer will divide the amount of money by two and, if they do not succeed in the fourth attempt, they will lose all the money accumulated. In all cases, to get the right age, participants should be guided by their intuition, style, appearance, body attitude, look, physical appearance and even the person voice.

In Latin America, Guess My Age was optioned by Turner Latin America for Argentina and Chile, where it premiered on that country’s FTA TV channel Chilevision, while Endemol Shine Boomdog kept the rights for Mexico. The format was also released in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Russia, Thailand and Turkey. All versions are added to the original French one, named Saurez-vous deviner mon âge ?, broadcast by the C8 network in 2016. Vivendi has also ran an agreement for the format with Warner Bros. International Television for Portugal and with Rochstar for Poland.