Grupo Radio Centro enters Mexican TV market through La Octava

Mexican Grupo Radio Centro launched La Octava, its new TV channel, which is now available on the 8.1 channel in the country. According to Juan Aguirre Abdo, General Director at Radio Centro, La Octava will also have a news, sports and other contents platform, apart from the TV channel.

‘On TV, we already have Channel 8 available and we are ready to start in October with a coverage that we managed to get from the Mexican Telecommunications Federal Institute (IFT)’, said Francisco Aguirre Gomez, former GRC President, in previous statements. Apart from that, he also said that the channel would be launched with multiprogramming, and that the group would launch ‘no one, but several channels’. In addition, Aguirre Gomez said he had held meetings with IFT authorities to determine what TV programs will be broadcast on the new TV channel.

Aguirre Gomez, who left the GRC in hands of his son, Juan Aguirre Abdo, won the concession to operate one of the 32 channels that were tendered in 2017. La Octava was installed with Brainstorm technology, which grants solutions for 3D graphics in real time, virtual sets and augmented reality. 

‘After the La Octava TV channel was given the 8.1 HD frequency  in Mexico, Grupo Radio Centro evaluated all current technologies and it was in Brainstorm that it found the ideal partner to implement the vision of a never seen before project in Mexico’, said Sergio Amuchastegui, Sales Director at Brainstorm Latin America. Using Brainstorm’s patented TrackFree technology and our Combined Render Engine with Unreal Engine, La Octava will take its viewers to totally photorealistic virtual settings that would be impossible to achieve under other conditions, all this in 3D and real-time. Graphics have been created in record time, supported by our partner Teletec’, he explained.