Globo starts project to consolidate corporate structure

Grupo Globo has sent a statement to its workers to announced the start of a project that will unify businesses into a single “more agile and stronger company”.
The initiative includes TV Globo, Globosat,, DGCorp and Som Livre. The statement was sent by CEO Jorge Nóbrega. The project, called “Uma Só Globo” is headed by Rossana Fontenele, current General Director of Planning and Management at TV Globo. In addition, the company hired the consulting firm Accenture.
The project will last three years. The newspapers, magazines and radios of the Brazilian giant will not be part of it. The objective is “to act in two aspects at the same time: in the improvement of current businesses and activities and in the creation of new businesses”.
Fontenele will be named as General Manager of Strategic Planning and Business Development. She will be responsible for all the projects of this new initiative, which will begin to be created in October.
“We are making a great investment in our present and in our future, the next three years will be a period of great effervescence and many opportunities for learning and growth for all,” concluded Nóbrega in the statement.
Globo already has other initiatives that follow the same strategy: The Sports Project, which aims to define a new management model for TV Globo and Globosat, and seeks to integrate the production of sports content. The Intelligence and Digital Advertising Project, which aims to organize a central area of intelligence and commercialization of the digital assets produced by TV Globo, Globosat and Som Livre. The OTT / New Globoplay Project, which will offer a single distribution platform, and the Single Technology Project, which organizes technology as a unique and integrated function.