Group Vivendi Africa launched CanalBox in the DRC

Group Vivendi Africa (GVA), the French media giant set up to develop telecoms in Africa, has signed a new agreement project with the Minister in charge of Posts, Telecommunications, and New Information and Communication Technologies, Augustin Kibassa Maliba, to launch Canalbox in the DRC Region, which will offer internet connection 100% fiber-optic broadband.

Augustin Kibassa Maliba, the Minister in charge of Posts, Telecommunications and New Information and Communication Technologies, commented on this project saying: “We are also delighted to know that the Canal Box offers from the Vivendi Group will allow a large number of Congolese businesses and households to be connected and will guarantee its subscribers very good quality of services and at truly affordable prices”.

Maliba also thanked the Vivendi Africa Group for its involvement in the materialization of the President of the Republic’s vision and reassured that the Congolese government will give all its support to GVA for the success of its projects in the country.

On the other hand, Nicolas Descampe, Director General of GVA, also expressed his excitement, saying: “Over a year ago, I had the pleasure of announcing that I had been granted a license to operate and launch Canalbox in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We are particularly happy to be present today in the largest French-speaking country in the world and in Kinshasa, its capital. It is therefore a great pride to be with you this evening. We were able to benefit from the support of the government through the Minister of PTNTIC and the Minister of Digital; I thank them again personally for their support from day one”.