Government in South Africa to enforce 30% of local content for streaming services

South Africa’s Department of Communications and Digital Technologies is working to enforce 30% local content on video-on-demand services including Netflix and Showmax to promote local content and languages.

As part of the department’s propositions in a recently drafted white paper presented to parliament, streaming platforms will be mandated to offer at least 30% South African content.

DCDT Chief Director of broadcasting policy, Collin Mashile stated that the policy review was necessary to support the airing of local content in the broadcasting sector.

“Where video-on-demand subscription services come and operate in South Africa, everything that they show to South Africans in terms of their catalogue – 30% of that catalogue must be South African content,” Mashile said.

“What this means is that we are trying to create opportunities for the production and creative industry sector.

By implication, that would require the payment of a license fee for the viewing any “broadcasting services” which would include a streaming- services, regardless of the device on which it is viewed.