Gonzalo Hita, COO of Telecom Argentina: “Flow evolves to compete in the OTT world”

We are competing against the biggest players in the world. In the same way we used to incorporate signals, today we have to incorporate apps’ platforms and live content”, Gonzalo Hita, COO of Telecom Argentina, explained on the last day of the Nextv Series South America 2021 event.

Hita revealed why they took so long to launch Flow Now, the Stand Alone OTT from the Flow pay tv service. “We hadn’t launched the Stand Alone OTT until now because there wasn’t plenty of market to go find over the pay tv insight in Argentina”, he argumented. . 

We don’t see a strong effect of what we call the cord-cutting phenomenon, but there is a big increase of cord-never”, he said first. “The growth of new homes in Argentina, created by a young population universe, choses to only pay for a broadband connection, and consume entertainment only by using that service”, he explained. 

But because of the strong competition in the international market, where pay tv operators started to promote their Stand Alone OTTs, and because of their clients’ new interests, they finally decided to launch it. “We made a Flow Now service so that the client who only wanted to access the OTT, without having to purchase a STB or any other device, could do it, and that also allows us to lower the costs”, he explained. 

Lastly, he highlighted the great performance of the platform content search bar, which allows the user to find tv shows and movies from different apps (Disney +, Netflix, Paramount) in an only search. “Our vision is to turn Flow into a common area with all the content you want to see”, he concluded.